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Fix footprint collection script [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

This reports a list of footprints by specifying a parent folder
with multiple PCBLIBs.

For Summer09


For AD14 or higher
Since the component "XPDirectoryEdit" is old, I modified that part.


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VIA spacing at high frequencies [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

This calculates the proper distance to strike VIA on solid ground.
Calculated from the wavelength of the frequency being used.
(From overseas literature : P = wavelength / 20)


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Thickness during cross-hatching [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

If cross-hatching is used, the capacitance decreases.

This will cause an error when calculating the width
of the microstrip line.
Calculate the target Zmesh by calculating this back.
Enter this Zmesh instead of Z and recalculate with the script
introduced earlier.
(Used strip1)


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Pad placement script [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

I created a basic script that places a pad.
This is to cope with the case where it cannot be processed by other scripts.


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Chip ALC creation script [DOWNLOAD(E)]

This is an SMD type aluminum electrolysis creation script.
The type of silk matches the company's standard.


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AVR, TR shape drawing script [DOWNLOAD(E)]

This script is used for SMD type AVR or TR.
When the heat dissipating pad is T-shaped, it is processed by combining two pads.


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QFP footprint creation script [DOWNLOAD(E)]

A QFP script that only supports packages with the same vertical and horizontal
sizes has been completed.

QFP with more than 80 pins can place a mark every 10 pins.


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Tantalum footprint creation script [DOWNLOAD(E)]

I created a script to create a chip tantalum capacitor footprint.
The pad shape is specified by Jt, Jh, Js with respect to the
value of L1 + L2.
(L2 should be 0.1mm or more.)


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SOD footprint creation script [DOWNLOAD(E)]

This is a diode-only script.
At first I tried to share it with chip tantalum.
In the case of diodes, there are many lead wires.
It became exclusive.


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Transmission line delay time [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

This was ported as a Delphi script from EXCEL.
This script simply calculates from the difference in length between
the two tracks.

The effective dielectric constant value of the substrate material is preset.

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PnP Rep. Scr [DOWNLOAD(E)]

This script outputs the Pick and Place report of the PCB.


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Delphi Script to VBA [DOWNLOAD(E)]

This is EXCEL macro for board design.
It is a port of a single DELPHI script to EXCEL.
(The menu is Japanese.)


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This is a script to calculate the resistance value of PAD and VIA hole.


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タグ:Delphi ALTIUM script
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Pattern and inductance [DOWNLOAD(E)]

This is a script to calculate the resistance and inductance of the pattern.
I made it with a layout similar to scripts of other transmission lines.

Since the conductance is not linear, I created a script that can calculate it
at the same time.


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Places circles [DOWNLOAD(E)]

This script places circles and arcs.
Customize the program for your company, such as mechanical layer settings.


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Script to create a rectangle [DOWNLOAD(E)]

The most basic script for creating a footprint is a button with a function that
synchronizes the mechanical and silk layers.


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This is the script that creates the connector footprint.

The pad number can be reversed horizontally and zigzag placement
in two rows is also supported.

Since only the pad is placed, the silk outline may cover the pad in the middle,
so there is no creation function.


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Chip LCR Drafting2 [DOWNLOAD(E)]

This is a drawing function added to an existing chip LCR creation script.
If this function is used, it is possible to support two pads other than LCR.


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AVR Drafting2 [DOWNLOAD(E)]

The type selection in the menu form has been changed to the page control type.

As a result, there is a figure in the page control, making it easy
to check each dimension.


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This script adds and corrects functionality.

Added 5.08mm to the lead wire pitch in the conventional script.
This makes it compatible with SMD type relays.


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